Sand Drawing

Sand drawings are amazing to do and so versatile, from animation and 3D anamorphic illusions, to images that span an entire kilometre. We have created sand drawings that have involved hundreds of volunteers and others that were so powerful, they had the ability to make the global media.

East Neuk Schubert

3D Anamorphic Sand Drawings

3D anamorphic sand drawings allow those people that don't have access to a fancy helicopter to enjoy our images. We are now leaders in anamorphic beach art, and continue to develop our techniques and apply them to other forms of land art.

Animated Sand Drawing

When we learned how to rub out and re-draw a sand drawing we realised we could animate on a massive scale. What followed was a collaboration with Aardman, the makers of Wallace and Gromit, to make the world's largest stop motion animation film, GULP. We would definitely like to do more!

Giant Sand Drawings

For those with a helicopter this is for you! These images are so big that you will require a chopper to fly as high as it can to get the picture. We have had the privilege of making drawings up to a kilometre long and, let me tell you, such operations are not for the faint-hearted.

Abstract Beach Painting and Free Drawing

Sometimes it is nice to draw without a plan. By responding to the environment around you, the sand, the cliffs and the waves become your inspiration, this is the very essence of free drawing and abstract beach painting.

Sand Drawing Workshops and Corporate Team Building

Sand drawings are fantastic for workshops and corporate team building events, as it is coastal art that really requires team collaboration and everyone at the end can be proud of the outcome.

For more information visit our workshop page.