Sand Sculptures

For over 10 years Sand In Your Eye have made sand sculptures so large they can command the space of a city centre, or so tiny that they sit on a table as part of an indoor event; we have created bird habitats for Sand Martins and instructed workshops for people of all ages.

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Sand in Your Eye came to Edinburgh Zoo to create a summer spectacular to celebrate our centenary, and we couldn’t have been happier with the sand sculpture that won Best In House Event at the Scottish Event Awards.

Jo Paulson, Edinburgh Zoo

Exhibition Sand Sculptures

Exhibition sand sculptures are built to impress and be the centre of an event, allowing for strong media attention and publicity. They are usually made over at least five days using more than 20 tonnes of sand, our skills as professional sand sculptors and sometimes heavy machinery.

Demonstration Sand Sculptures

Demonstration sand sculptures are there to engage the public and often support or coincide with a much a larger event. They are usually made with between 10-20 tonnes of sand, but no machines are used and generally the sand is not compacted.

Table Top Sand Sculpture

Table top sculptures are ideally suitable for indoor events where the logistics of getting the sand inside can be challenging. They are usually made with around one tonne of sand.

Habitat Creation

Working with the RSPB, Sand In Your Eye have engineered artificial sand banks to create a natural habitat for the Sand Martin to live in, and have the capacity to design a similar environment for Kingfishers. So far we have been extremely pleased with the results, with nearly 200 Sand Martins now nesting in a bank in Newark, Nottinghamshire.

Sand Sculpture Workshops & Corporate Team Building

Sand sculpture workshops and corporate team building activities are a great way for individuals and groups to learn new skills, and collaborate in a diverse and fun environment.

For more information visit our workshop page.