Our sculpture workshops and corporate team building activities are about having fun with your friends, family and colleagues, while rising to new challenges and making something pretty amazing!

Our event ‘A Festival of Play’ was to encourage cross generational interaction, of all the activities the sand sculpture workshop was absolutely the most successful and enjoyed.

Alice Falkingham, Harewood House

Sand Sculpture Workshops

Sand sculpture workshops vary considerably and can be held anywhere from inside a venue to a beach. They can be hourly sessions for children and families, a single activity lasting a day for corporate team building, and even a week long course for those that would like to become masters of sand art.

Sand Sculpture Workshops

Pop Up Sand Sculpture Workshops

If you want to learn some sand sculpture sculpture skills but can't make it to the beach, our pop up workshops might be just the ticket! We bring everything you need just about anywhere with our highly trained team so you can create your very own sand masterpiece!

Sand Drawing Workshops

We cannot recommend our sand drawing workshops enough. We will give you all the instruction and tools required, so that you can free draw and create your own unique sand paintings, or we can design a structured session to allow you to make some abstract art or a graphic image. It is the ultimate workshop in land art and team building.

Sand Drawing Workshops

Pumpkin Carving Workshops

Learn how to carve a Halloween pumpkin, so that it has personality or simply a pretty pattern. Suitable for all ages, we can teach traditional cut through carving, stencil pumpkin carving or even 3D carving.

Pumpkin Carving Workshop

Ice Sculpture Workshops

Chisel away and make your own ice sculpture. Remember though, they do melt, so please don't be disappointed if you can't take it home with you!

Ice Sculpture Workshops

Light Art Workshops

Light painting photography is a sculpture that only the camera can see. Combining long exposure photography with wondrous results, our light art workshops are great for those with a technical imagination and a winter evening to spare.

Light Art Workshops

What's included?

Aside from our friendly Yorkshire accents (and one Lancastrian), the Sand In Your Eye team provides an expert knowledge-base built up over years of experience, as well as tools and public liability cover.


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