How we are operating during social distancing.

During this difficult time of social distancing in the UK, we at Sand In Your Eye are still operating some services and continuing to plan and take enquiries and bookings for all events later in the year too. As things change we will keep everyone updated. We have full risk assessments available and information available for how we have modified all events, art installations and workshops to observe social distancing, hygiene and safety. Please contact us for more details. 


Times such as these, we are all aware of the importance to get messages across in creative ways. Whether it be public information, positive messages of support or PR activities, we are here to help! We have created small and large scale art pieces for many years that can grab the imagination and attention of many different audiences.  


We are currently working remotely as much as possible to try to reduce the amount of time we need to spend in our studio. We are keeping up to date with all the current government guidelines regarding social distancing. Many of our products can be done still practicing social distancing within the workplace or in public spaces.

We are of course still taking bookings for all events happening in a few months time. We are able to offer flexible rescheduling to react and work with you if events need to be postponed.

With that in mind we thought we would highlight some of the projects we are still able to offer during this period. 


Land Art

We have a fully licensed and insured drone pilot who can also take images and film footage of the final piece

Due to the nature of large scale drawings, we can while working, remain 2 metres apart and can barrier off the workspace to protect any members of the public from getting too close. 


Sand Drawing

Again, same as above with regards to safety. These drawings are a large scale, effective way to get a message across. We only have the time the tides allows to create these pieces, before they are taken once more by the sea.



Social media videos and PR messages

We can offer sculpture and art pieces either filmed in our studio or on location. Again we can ensure all social distancing in the workplace is followed. Got a message you need to grab attention? We can help.

Check out the links to our light painting bee, British Gas pumpkin and Please look after me ice sculpture project. 


Pre Carved Sand Sculptures

Want a sand sculpture display without the fuss? Leave it to us. We can make tabletop sand sculptures in our studio and then deliver them to your location or event. These portable sculptures are semi permanent if well looked after. A great value option for those who would like to keep their sculpture longer. These sculptures are subject to a 6 week lead time, so now is a good time to order them in preparation for social distancing restrictions being lifted. We can hold them at our studio until you need them.


Planning for larger scale projects to re inspire

Once the UK has remerged we will all need culture, events and creative artworks to lift us back up to bounce back. We love to engage with people, inspire and have fun. We have worked on large scale projects, collaborations and events many times which do just that. Get in touch if you have an idea you would like us explore. 


Virtual/online workshops & How to videos

In the safety of our own private studio. Jamie and Claire can run virtual workshops in just about any of the products we currently offer. We have the technology and equipment to set this up in a time of adapting to finding new ways of being creative. 


Anamorphic paintings

We create anamorphic paintings for all kinds of different invents and projects. We are still able to create these paintings in our studio and then send out to you. 


Sand drawing on light boxes 

We create sand drawing animation which can tell a tale in the beautiful and creative form for sand art. 

Most importantly stay safe and look after each other. x

Keep in the Know

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