Ice Sculptures

We have years of practical experience ranging from the creation of ice hotels beneath the Northern Lights and snow igloos of the Alps, ice exhibitions in giant freezers and ice sculptures in the UK. In recent years we are proud to have combined writing magical Christmas stories in conjunction with our own original designs. We also install ice bars and ice sculpture festivals. Contact us to find out more.

Sand Sculpture Exhibitions

Ice Exhibitions & Festivals

Ice Sculpture Exhibition Pieces Exhibition snow and ice sculptures are carved with finesse and made to last often for months in giant freezer exhibition tents or ice hotels. This was our training ground.

Snow & Ice Sculpture Trails

Snow & Ice Sculpture Trails 

Snow and ice sculpture trails are based on our original stories, which we write each year to spread a little Christmas cheer. From tales of adventure and learning, our most recent stories have included the Little White Fox and the Children of the Snow. Often accompanied by an interactive live carve to really engage the public, Sand In Your Eye snow and ice sculpture trails have proved so popular that even Santa Claus himself has come along to help! Photos can be printed on demand to record the magical moments forever, while our stewards are always on hand ready to reveal the secrets behind the snow and ice art.

Live Carve Ice Sculptures

Live carve ice sculpting is a performance on location, where our instruments are chainsaws and chisels. They can be stand alone or interactive, such as with our ice sleighs where people can sit in them with Santa Claus and even take a photo home as a keepsake.

Interactive Live Carve Ice Sculptures

A really popular form of ice sculpture for events or public engagement are our interactive ice sculptures. We carve an ice sculpture on site and then once we have finished, we invite the public to be part of the fun. It could be sitting in one of our giant ice sleighs, posting a letter to santa in a post box made from ice, or touring around an ice house. The options are endless and very social media friendly.

Table Top Snow & Ice Sculptures

Table Top Snow & Ice Sculptures 

The perfect feature for smaller events, weddings and corporate functions; all our ice and snow sculptures are original designs, handmade over at least a day to ensure they are a centrepiece you can be truly proud of.


Ice Bars and Ice Installations 

When a day or two is just not long enough, our sculptures can last for months in a magical frozen space. We design and install ice sculptures and ice bars with that added bit of magic.

Art Pieces and Innovation

Sculpture to feed the soul. We have made quite a few pieces of ice and snow sculpture with meaningful concepts, with the intention to inspire, raise awareness and make people think. These sculptures are some of our proudest to date.


Ice Sculpture Workshops and Corporate Team Building

Snow and ice sculpting can be a magical idea for a workshop, as the material is both beautiful and tactile. So why not join us at our new Sand In Your Eye Studio in Yorkshire to try for yourself?  Please visit the Sand In Your Eye Studio website for more information.  


We have been very lucky to create some amazing ice sculpture events, here is a quick couple of films to watch. There are more on our gallery page.


Have you seen Santa ice sculpture trail, Bradford