Continually innovating and coming up with new ideas yet to be thought of allows us the potential to make and create our extraordinary pieces of art. Pushing the boundaries and advancing what we have done before, not only keeps the Sand In Your Eye team on its toes, but also makes the headlines.


THE FALLEN 9000, On Sept 21, 2013, International Peace Day, Sand in Your Eye –assisted by hundreds of volunteers – stencilled the figures of 9000 people into the sand on the beach at Arromanches, France. The stencils represent the estimated number of D-Day dead on both sides of the conflict, as well as French civilians who died that day.


The Fallen 9000

The fallen 9000 is Sand In Your Eye's most cherished project. Designed by Jamie Wardley and Andy Moss for International Peace Day on the 21 st September, 2013, the idea was to make a visual representation of the unimaginable consequence of what happens in the absence of peace.

With over 500 international volunteers, we drew 9000 stencilled bodies in the sand, representing the lost lives of the combatants and civilians who fell during the D-Day landings, only to be washed away by the tide.

Images of the Fallen 9000 have reached across the globe, featuring on the BBC, CNN, TIME Magazine, newspaper, radio and television. The project was a resounding success and one that Sand In Your Eye are proud to have produced and taken part in.

The Fallen 9000

Animated Sand Drawing

In 2010 we began to develop sand animation with 'An Idea Is Like A Seed', then in 2011 Sand In Your Eye collaborated with Aardman, the makers of Wallace and Gromit. Together we made the world's largest stop motion animation film, GULP. Since then we have developed techniques that allow us to draw faster, more dynamic images, and we are now eager to showcase them to the world!

Animated Sand Drawing

Animated Snow Sculpture & Light Art

After working in the Ice Hotel of Lapland, Jamie commandeered students from the University of Rovememi in Finland to help make the first light art and snow sculpture animation in a forest.

With temperatures dropping to -30ºc, it was very much a work in progress. However after 3 days of hard work, we successfully had a snow girl playing with forest fairies created by balls of light, and a student called Paul that could no longer feel his feet!

Light Art

3D Anamorphic Pavement Art

The Sand In Your Eye team is fascinated with 3D anamorphic art, and for years we have developed techniques that allow us to draw over uneven surfaces and multi-levels such as walls, trees and hillsides.

We are now at a stage where we are looking to apply these cutting edge techniques to other land art, for example street chalk art.

Multi Level Anamorphosis & Land Art

Artificial Sand Martin Bank

Working in conjunction with RSPB Langford Lowfields and a Lafarge Tarmac quarry, Sand In Your Eye engineered an artificial habitat suitable for Sand Martins and Kingfishers. A resounding success, after 3 years it has had almost 200 nests per season and even survived complete immersion. We would love to build more!

Artificial Sand Martin Bank

Light Art & Animation

Light art and photography is done with a long exposure that allows people to make an invisible sculpture only viewable by camera. We have experimented with giant drawings and are now embracing light art animation, which we hope to showcase soon.

Light Art & Animation


Here are a couple of films of some of our innovative projects. For more click here.