Land Art and Street Art Installations

We create all kinds of land art, from huge grass paintings, sand drawings to pavement art. These can be anamorphic too. To make everything even simpler we have our own qualified and licensed drone pilot who has photographed many of our art pieces we have created. We can also offer short film making and editing too. 


Sand Drawings 

We have been creating sand drawings for art projects, PR and events for over 10 years on beaches across the UK and beyond. Our most notable ones are The Fallen 9000, Land Rover 1km sand drawing and most recently we headed up the design, training and activation of the sand drawings for Danny Boyle's Pages of the Sea.


Grass painting and Land Art

We have transferred our vast experience in making large scale drawing son beaches in land. We can create grass paintings, drawings in ploughed fields as well as constantly developing techniques to push this art form further. We created a 60 metre portrait of Greta Thunberg with help from local school children for International Women's Day. We also created the fish on a bicycle to promote recycling and keeping our rivers clean. More recently we created the 6000 Children project in response to a Unicef report. 



We are often asked to create land art and installations that are new to us. We are always happy to take on a completely new challenge! Here are some we have created in the past.  


Road Art

We created these two examples of anamorphic road art in the past 2 years for Bradford Council. These are semi permanent road paintings. Click to find out more.


Multi Layer Pavement Art

We can create images that are anamorphic and can go across multiple surfaces. These can be temporary or permanent. We create these onsite for all occasions. Click to find out more.


3D Street Art

We can create 3D street art paintings that people can interact with. This can be done onsite or created in our studio on canvas and sent out to you. We can design and create bespoke designs just for you. Here is one we did for CBBC Art Ninja's. Click to find out more.


Light Art and Animation

Light art and photography is done with a long exposure that allows people to make an invisible sculpture only viewable by camera. We have experimented with giant drawings and are now embracing light art animation.

Here are some videos of previous projects we have worked on and created. Check out our gallery for more films.


Keep in the Know

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