Pumpkin Carving UK

Halloween is the time when pumpkins like to express themselves, and the Sand In Your Eye team loves nothing more than bringing them to life in the UK. We are now making professional pumpkin sculptures and continue to make carved and stencilled faces, along with other Halloween pumpkin ideas. We can make them in our West Yorkshire studio and deliver to you or make them at your location to add a performance to your spooky event. We also create pumpkin festivals and events to scare and delight.

Etched Pumpkin Portraits

Our latest technique of etching pumpkins with intricate portraits looks amazing and is a big hit - we're excited to make more this year.

3D Portrait Pumpkin Carving 

We can carve famous faces into pumpkins and we have created many pumpkins over the years for TV and film. We like a challenge!

Halloween 3D Pumpkin Carving 

Carved Halloween pumpkins have big personalities and egos that love to have their photo taken. But beware, as you never know what mood you're going to catch them in.

Halloween Stencil Pumpkin 

Pumpkin stencils can be very impressive in all lighting and can range from simple to very intricate.

logos carved into pumpkins

Logos and Branding

We can carve intricate logos into pumpkins perfect for seasonal promotions.

Multi Layer Stenciled Pumpkins 

These pumpkins are great for add another dimension to pumpkin carving. When lit in a darkened room is when these pumpkins really come to life. Great for setting a spooky scene or for a photoshoot.

Halloween Events & Festivals

We create events and festivals for all things pumpkin. From carving giant pumpkins live on site and pumpkin carving workshops to whole trails and festivals, we can offer something you suit your event. See our Hebden Bridge Pumpkin festival website for a taste of what we can offer.

Pumpkin Carving Workshops & Corporate Team Building

Sand In Your Eye pumpkin workshops are great for all ages, they are messy and have a satisfying outcome. We can show you how to make everything from a Jack O'Lantern to a spooky 3D face. See our workshops page for more information.

Halloween Pumpkin Sculpture

Halloween pumpkin sculptures allow us to get even more creative with your everyday pumpkin. Having chopped them up, we put the pumpkin back together with cocktail sticks in order to make an original sculpture, such as Fred the Skeleton. These are pumpkins that are breaking out of their shell, totally unique and dying to get on TV!

Food Carving

Food Carving

We can carve more than pumpkins. Food carving and sculpture can be done in our studio and delivered or live on site at events.

Here are some short films of some of the events we are proud to have been a part of. To watch more of our films, please see our gallery.

If you would like to know more about what we can offer you, why not give us call?